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Celebrate the International Year of the periodic table

Looking for an innovative way of engaging your students with the sciences?

The United Nations has designated 2019 to be the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements to coincide with the 150th anniversary of its creation by Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev. In this series of 10 workshops, students will explore the elements and how they relate to the world around them, and learn about the table’s global significance by participating in the creation of a fun, collaborative, mixed media artwork.

The sessions will cover:

  • An introduction to the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and its history

  • Researching the elements

  • Identifying everyday items that contain the different elements

  • Learning about the use of design and symbolism

  • Creating a mixed media, collaborative artwork to represent the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements



One class (up to 32 students): $3250 (+GST). This includes 10 sessions (90 mins each, once a week) working with small groups across a school term.

Two classes: $5500 (+GST). Inclusions as described above, but with 2 classes per day.


* Please note, the prices quoted above are for workshops held at schools within 35kms of Oaklands Park, SA. If your school is located outside this region, please contact us for a quote.