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Where to buy shoemaking supplies

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While many of the tools, supplies and materials you'll use to make your own shoes and accessories can be purchased from your local craft or hardware stores, there are some items that will need to be obtained from more specialised suppliers. Below is a list of some of the suppliers I have purchased products from. Please note that I don't have affiliate links with any of these companies. I am just listing them to help you find materials and supplies you can use to enjoy making your own shoes and accessories at home.


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Leffler Leather:

You can purchase most of what you'll need from Leffler Leather including leather, tools, adhesive including Renia Aquilim), hardware, soling and more. You can visit their warehouse in person (171 Kensington Road, West Melbourne VIC 3003), phone them (1800 337 006) or order online (


D.S. Horne:

This shop sells leather, hardware, adhesive and tools (including the Tandy range). While you can view some of their products online (, you will need to phone them (08 8261 7377), email ( or visit in person (113 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens SA 5086) to purchase your items. They're happy to deliver Australia wide.


Adelaide Leather and Saddlery Supplies:

You will find a large range of hardware for shoe and bag making in this store as well as some leather, tools and other supplies. You can purchase online (, phone (08 8410 9313) or visit in person (221 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000).


Tandy Leather:

This online store ( sells many of the products you'll use to make your shoes and accessories, including leather, tools, hardware, adhesive and more. 



This UK store sells a range of supplies used for making footwear, including soling materials, adhesives (including Renia Aquilim) and hardware. Although they mostly supply the podiatry, orthotics, prosthetics and physiotherapy industries, they will also sell to the public. You can register to purchase on their website (, call (0151 448 1228) or email ( 


S & K Leathergoods & Fittings

This shop has a large range of fittings/hardware for shoe and bag making, as well as other items such as elastics. Although they have a website (, it's best to visit in person (Unit GB, Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London N1 3QP), email ( or call (020 7354 4435), and they are happy to ship around the world.


JT Batchelor

If you are in London this is a great source of leather, tools and hardware for shoe and accessory making. They are located at 9-10 Culford Mews, Islington London N1 4DZ in a cobbled back street just off Balls Pond Road, without a typical shopfront. You can also call on 020 7254 2962.