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create an original Graduation Song

Students work together to write and record an original class song using Garageband. As well as learning about the technical side of audio recording and having a go at building song structures in electronic music, the lyric writing process around the theme of graduation helps students work through their feelings about making the transition to high school.

The sessions will cover:

  • An introduction to the song writing and recording process to identify the key parts of the song that will be created (including style, theme and audience)

  • Working with electronic drums, bass and other instrument loops to build an arrangement

  • Exploring feelings about the transition from primary school to high school

  • Writing song lyrics

  • Rehearsing and recording vocals


Simon worked with our Year 7 students to produce a song for graduation. The students were given the opportunity to write the song lyrics and reflect on the transition of moving from primary school into high school. Each student was given a part to work on within the song. Our students were very enthusiastic about working with Simon each week and were thrilled with the final product. Simon was encouraging and actively listened to the ideas put forth by the students. They can’t wait to play the song to their family and friends on graduation night.




One class (up to 32 students): $3250 (+GST). This includes 10 sessions (90 mins each, once a week) working with small groups across a school term.

Two classes: $5500 (+GST). Inclusions as described above, but with 2 classes per day.

If you have a larger group of students you would like us to work with to create a song, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how this would work and provide a quote for you.


* Please note, the prices quoted above are for workshops held at schools within 35kms of Oaklands Park, SA. If your school is located outside this region, please contact us for a quote.