Create Space Adelaide


Community workshops

We work with local government and community organisations to provide fun, creative arts based activities for children and adults. Below are some of the activities we are currently offering. For more information about these activities, or if you would like us to tailor something specifically for your organisation or community, please get in touch via the contact button below and we will be happy to organise something with you.

fabric painting
digital storytelling
making headbands

wearable art: hand painted t-shirts

Design and paint your own one of a kind, wearable, hand painted t-shirt. Learn tips for tracing out and transferring images onto the layout, mixing fabric medium, colour mixing, brush techniques to create interesting textures and how to heat set your finished painting. This workshop can also be offered as fabric painting onto other items such as tote bags, pillow cases or jeans.


Make your own fashion accessories

Use fabric, elastic, ribbon, threads and beads to create your own accessories including headbands, hair ties, jewellery, scarves and bags. Learn basic hand sewing skills and how to use a sewing machine (no prior sewing experience is needed to participate).


Modern hoop embroidery

Create your own piece of embroidered hoop art. Learn how to prepare a hoop, how to make a variety of embroidery stitches and how to applique. Then design your own pattern or image, create it using the embroidery and applique skills you have learnt, and finish the back of the hoop so it is ready to hang on your wall.



Unleash your imaginations and have fun using miniature figures to rediscover everyday objects and create a microworld scene that transforms our perspective and the way we see the world. The finished scene could be made to keep in small glass dome or photography could be incorporated into this activity to create artwork that can be hung on your wall.


Create an original song using garageband or Logic Pro

Create an original song in Garage Band or Logic Pro. Learn how to use loops to build an arrangement, program drums, record audio and software instruments, develop song lyrics and vocals, mix and apply effects and bounce out a final mix to share with the world.


Create your own digital story

Use your own photos, artwork and significant items to tell a digital story. The sessions will look at different methods and approaches that can be used to tell a story, storyboarding and developing a narrative, selecting visual materials including photos and special items, filming and photography, recording voice overs, editing the story together (using Premiere Pro or I-Movie), adding effects and text, adding music, and exporting the finished project.