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biodiversity in a plastic world

Students will use common household materials to create a beautiful, multidimensional, group artwork that explores the impact that pollution from human activities is having on the earth’s vulnerable ecosystems and the creatures found within. In particular, this project will build awareness of the effects of plastic on our precious ecosystems and the steps we as individuals can take towards reducing the impact.

The sessions will cover:

  • Identifying different types of plastic and the ways they are used in students’ everyday lives

  • Looking at the plastic waste cycle and how it impacts the natural environment

  • Recognising changes we can make to reduce plastic waste

  • Using everyday household plastics to create an interpretive art installation that represents students’ learning about how plastic waste affects sea life



One class (up to 32 students): $3250 (+GST). This includes 10 sessions (90 mins each, once a week) working with small groups across a school term.

Two classes: $5500 (+GST). Inclusions as described above, but with 2 classes per day.


* Please note, the prices quoted above are for workshops held at schools within 35kms of Oaklands Park, SA. If your school is located outside this region, please contact us for a quote.